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পোরশা সীমান্তে ভারতের অভ্যন্তরে এক বাংলাদেশী আটক বটিয়াঘাটা দলিল লেখক সমিতি নেতৃবৃন্দ কেন্দ্রীয় সভায় যোগদান বটিয়াঘাটা দলিল লেখক সমিতি নেতৃবৃন্দ কেন্দ্রীয় সভায় যোগদান আলীকদমে গৃহহীনদের ঘর নির্মাণে অনিয়ম-দুর্নীতি, ইউএনও কর্তৃক মিথ্যা প্রতিবেদন দাখিল বাগআঁচড়ায় নৌকায় ভোট চাইলেন জেলা ছাত্রলীগ বঙ্গমাতা পরিষদের নতুন কমিটি ঘোষণা সাজেদা চৌধুরী সভাপতি ও আনিছুর রহমান সম্পাদক পাবনায় মাছ শিকার করে ৪ লাখ টাকা পুরষ্কার জিতলেন দুই ব‍্যবসায়ী সন্ত্রাস ও মাদকমুক্ত ১২নং ওয়ার্ড গড়তে এম.এ মনজুরের বিকল্প নেই বাঁশখালীতে পূজা উদযাপন পরিষদ ও সনাতনী সমাজের মিলনমেলা অনুষ্ঠিত শ্যামনগরের চাঞ্চল্যকর শিশু ধর্ষণ মামলার আসামী আটক

Kalaroa is floating in the game of Onten and gambling. DIG’s intervention sought

Julfikar ali,Kalaroa (Satkhira) Correspondent: Kalaroa of Satkhira is floating in onten and gambling. There is no one to watch. Here the administration is playing the role of a silent spectator.Along with that, there has been an increase in incidents of theft, looting and land sales in the area. And this work is being done by a young man named Aminur Rahman who introduced himself as the uncle of Kalaroa.Under his control, Kashiadanga of Deyara, Ambagan of Sonabaria, Doctor’s Fisheries adjacent to Raita New Bazar, Mango Garden of Kalatupi of Kushodanga, Damodarkati Garden of Helatla, Gadkhali Paschimpara ground of Municipal Headquarters, Jahazmari AB Park of Yugikhali, Parkar of Uttar Pradesh. This gambling and unten game is being played in 12/13 places. Sometimes the game of lakhs of rupees goes on at night. And all these games are contracted with the uncle of Colorado. A man named Tak Rafiq plays Onten every night. On the other hand, Bhutto, a candidate for Reuters, Abul Bashar of Jahazmari Park and Khair of Sonabaria run the day.They were led by Aminul Islam, now known as Kalaroar Mama, from Bagerhat. He hired Indian goods from different parts of the border in two private cars behind a business called Bismillah Enterprise in front of Kalaroa police station.Besides, he brought the tainted accused from different areas in his car and made them join the Onten game. This uncle introduced himself as the nephew of an officer of Satkhira District Detective Police. Now the uncle of Colorado. Due to which the number of strangers in Kalaroa has increased tremendously.And because of them, the locals are worried that a big accident could happen at any time. Talking to Officer-in-Charge of Kalaroa Police Station Alhaj Mir Khairul Kabir, he said he was not aware of the matter. Action will be taken if anyone lodges a written complaint.Kalaroa’s uncle Aminul Islam said that nothing will happen by writing in the newspaper. I am running this game by managing all the RAB-police. That is why people are coming from different areas including Khulna, Jessore, Bagerhat, Sharsha, Navaran, Chupnagar, Satkhira to play Kalaroa.Locals have demanded the intervention of Khulna DIG, RAB-6 Satkhira Camp in-charge, PBI Satkhira in-charge and Satkhira district police superintendent demanding an end to gambling.

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